Deciding: Am I the right photographer for you? I want you to have something that reminds you every day that you are a wonderful parent and that your kids are great! If that’s what you want for yourself, contact me using the contact tab on my website.


Consultation: We will schedule a consultation in your home to discuss all the details of your session from what you will wear to the final art display. We will tour your home and discuss where and how you would like your family portraits displayed. We can even go through your closets and assemble just the right ensemble. I will get to know you and your children better and you will get to know me. After the consultation, we will have a plan for your session. You will feel comfortable with me, excited for your session, and confident in our plans.


The Session: Your session will take place in my studio, in your home, on family land or somewhere else meaningful to you. This is a time for you to relax and enjoy your family. Even if your kids are on their worst behavior, trust me, I can and will get lots of images you will love. Your session will last 1-2 hours, depending on how many breaks your little one needs. We want o keep them happy!


The Portrait Reveal: We will view the edited images of your session together. Since we made some decisions about your final display at your consultation, now we just have to pick the right images. I will suggest combinations I think will look best, but you will have the final decision before I place the order the same day.